Pregnancy Monitoring

Each stage holds its significance during pregnancy, from the exhilarating discovery of the first heartbeat to the delightful sensation of your baby’s initial movements. However, this can also be a period of uncertainty. Questions like “How is my baby developing?” “Is everything alright?” and “Am I healthy?” are common. Our goal at IntroLab is to ensure that your pregnancy is not only a beautiful memory but also a period of calm and assurance. We offer comprehensive pregnancy monitoring and associated analyses to address all your questions and concerns. This service provides detailed insights into your baby’s development and the changes in your body. By choosing us, you take the first step towards a worry-free pregnancy. Contact us to learn more and begin your journey with peace of mind.

A pregnant woman holding her belly, prepared for pregnancy monitoring tests.
With our expert services, you can rest assured about your baby’s health. We conduct all necessary pregnancy monitoring tests and analyses smoothly and efficiently!

What is pregnancy monitoring?

Pregnancy monitoring is a vital process that involves closely tracking the health of the mother and the developing baby. This comprehensive approach includes various laboratory tests and analyses performed at different stages of pregnancy to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the fetus.

Initial steps in pregnancy monitoring

The journey begins with a prenatal check-up as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. During this initial visit, your doctor will gather extensive information about your medical history, including your menstrual cycle, gynecological background, previous pregnancies, and relevant personal and family health details. This discussion also encompasses exposure to potential toxins, current medications, lifestyle habits, and travel history, especially in regions with prevalent infections.

An important part of the initial appointment is establishing your estimated due date, typically 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. This estimated date is pivotal for monitoring fetal development, tracking pregnancy progression, and scheduling future tests and medical procedures.

During your first check-up, the physical examination is thorough, including breast and pelvic exams. Depending on your medical history, a PAPPA test may be recommended. Additionally, your doctor might suggest heart, lung, and thyroid evaluations, depending on your specific health circumstances.

Ongoing care and regular check-ups

Pregnancy monitoring includes a variety of specific laboratory tests. These tests aim to assess factors such as blood type and hemoglobin levels, evaluate immunity against certain infections, screen for potential exposure to various infections, and perform other essential biochemical analyses. Additionally, prenatal genetic testing might be recommended to identify any possible genetic disorders in the fetus.

This monitoring is an ongoing and integral part of your pregnancy care throughout the term. After the first visit, regular prenatal check-ups are typically scheduled every four weeks during the first trimester. While these subsequent visits might be briefer than the initial one, they play a crucial role in maintaining your and your baby’s health and safety during this pivotal time.

Essential benefits of pregnancy monitoring

Monitoring pregnancy is incredibly important because it allows for the early discovery and management of potential health concerns or complications. This proactive strategy offers significant reassurance to expectant mothers, ensuring their health and their baby’s health are carefully monitored and cared for.

Important scenarios for increased pregnancy monitoring

It’s recommended to monitor all pregnancies closely. Still, it’s especially critical for women with certain health issues, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and for those over the age of 35.
Additionally, monitoring becomes essential for women who have had complications in earlier pregnancies or are pregnant with twins or multiple babies.

What tests are part of pregnancy monitoring?

Pregnancy monitoring includes several key tests and analyses. These typically involve blood tests for assessing levels of various hormones and proteins, ultrasound examinations to track the baby’s growth and development, and genetic screenings to identify potential genetic anomalies.

What types of tests are offered in IntroLab?

Our team is proficient in conducting various tests, encompassing biochemical blood analyses, urine examinations, and immunological, microbiological, and genetic assessments. For the specific purpose of tracking fetal growth and development, we offer these notable tests:

  • Double Test 1
  • Double Test 2
  • Triple Test
  • Quadruple Test
  • Veracity Basic
  • Veracity Plus
  • Veracity Plus Expert
  • Veracity Premium

Why choose IntroLab for your pregnancy monitoring needs?

IntroLab distinguishes itself among numerous laboratories focused on pregnancy monitoring. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services. We understand the individuality of each pregnancy and every expectant mother, and we value our tailored approach to each case. Using advanced equipment and contemporary techniques, IntroLab guarantees precise and dependable results. Our goal is to offer you complete reassurance throughout this significant stage of your life.

Distinct features of IntroLab:

  • Transparency: Should you choose to undergo any tests at IntroLab, you can trust that all information will be openly shared with you. This includes transparent pricing for each service, clearly detailed on our website. We also offer special benefits for specific patient groups.
  • Efficiency: Understanding the anxiety associated with waiting for test results, we endeavor to minimize this waiting period to the absolute minimum. Our process is swift and efficient, upholding the highest standards of quality.
  • Affordability: Our pricing is not only transparent but also affordable. In addition, our team is always available to address any questions you may have, both before and after your tests.
  • Expertise: Our technicians are not just highly skilled, they are also rich in experience. With access to cutting-edge equipment, they form an unbeatable team dedicated to your care.

Your pregnancy journey with IntroLab

Your pregnancy journey is of utmost importance to us at IntroLab. We’re dedicated to offering outstanding support during this significant time. Contact us today to start your pregnancy monitoring with a team that’s deeply committed to your well-being. We’re always ready to embrace you and your little one on the way.



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