Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tests are available at the IntroLab laboratory?

In the IntroLab laboratory, we provide a broad spectrum of laboratory analyses. Our services are designed to meet the varied needs of our clients. You can find a detailed list of all the tests and analyses we offer on our website.

What payment options are available?

For analysis payments at IntroLab Laboratory, various methods are accepted. We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers. Additionally, we offer the option of payment through online payment services. Please check the payment details on our website or contact our staff for more information.

Is preparation required for the tests?

Some tests necessitate specific preparations, such as fasting, avoiding certain foods or beverages, or timing sample collections. When you schedule a test with us, our team will provide you with comprehensive instructions regarding the necessary preparations. Additionally, detailed preparation guidelines for each specific test can be found on our website.

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What is the process upon arriving at the laboratory?

When you arrive at our laboratory, you will be welcomed by our courteous staff, who will then direct you to the reception counter. Here, you will present your referral and complete any necessary payments, if this was not already done online. Next, you will be led to the sample collection room, where our qualified medical team will collect the required samples. The time frame for receiving your results depends on the type of analysis; it could be the same day or a few days later, about which you will be duly informed. Results can be picked up personally at the laboratory or sent to your email address.

What types of samples can be analyzed in the laboratory?

At IntroLab Belgrade, we are equipped to analyze a wide range of samples, including blood, urine, stool, tissues, and other biological materials.

How to prepare for sample collection?

Prior to the collection of samples, it's important to adhere to specific instructions. For blood draws, inform your healthcare provider about any medications you are taking, as well as your diet and other factors that could influence the test results. It's also essential to follow the given instructions regarding food, drink, and medications before the sample collection.

How long does it take to get the results?

The time it takes to process a sample and receive results varies depending on the type of test. Some tests can be completed within a few hours, while others may require several days.

How are test results interpreted?

Test results are interpreted by qualified medical experts. They compare the results with reference values to ascertain whether they are normal or indicative of a pathological condition. It's crucial to consider various factors that can impact the results, such as gender, age, physical activity, existing illnesses, and others.

How is the safety and reliability of test results ensured?

The safety and reliability of test results are maintained through the use of high-quality materials and equipment, coupled with the implementation of correct procedures and protocols. IntroLab routinely checks and controls its laboratory protocols to ensure they align with the highest standards and regulations.

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