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Save 10-20% on Lab Tests. |

Save 10-20% on Lab Tests. |

Save 10-20% on Lab Tests. |

Save 10-20% on Lab Tests. |

Complete Blood Count + CRP in 15 minutes

This test requires a simple finger-prick blood sample from adults and children.

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IntroLab Belgrade is dedicated to offering a reliable foundation for managing your health effectively. Our focus is to serve as your initial, trustworthy step in achieving precise results to assist in personal health management. Equipped with professional staff and advanced equipment, we guarantee quick and accurate laboratory results. Specializing in a wide range of analyses, IntroLab excels in both biochemical and genetic diagnostics. At IntroLab, our work is driven by passion, professionalism, and dedication. We hold the conviction that health is our most valuable asset, and our role is to protect and preserve it.

Exclusive tests, available only at IntroLab

Choose from a unique selection of advanced tests, exclusively available at IntroLab. As a bonus, our medical geneticist will provide you with a personalized evaluation—completely free of charge!

Save 10-20% on Lab Tests.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tests are available at IntroLab?

At IntroLab, we offer an extensive range of lab tests including biochemical, hematological, immunological, urine analysis, microbiological, and pregnancy monitoring. A complete list of all the tests and analyses we provide is available on our website for your convenience.

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What payment options are available?

For payments, we provide several convenient options. These include cash, all major credit and debit cards, and bank transfers. For more detailed information on payment methods, please visit our website or contact our staff.

Is preparation required for the tests?

Some tests necessitate specific preparations, like fasting, refraining from certain foods or beverages, or adhering to particular timings for sample collections. Our team will provide you with comprehensive instructions on the necessary preparations when you schedule a test. Additionally, you can find detailed guidelines for each test on our website.

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